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Are you looking for Water heater repair in Dubai, Sharjah or Ajman? Al manzel general maintenance services provide water heater repair serivces in Dubai, Sharjah and various parts of UAE. 


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We provide emergency water heater installation services, Water heater repair services and water heater replace services.


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what are signs of broken or damaged water heater?

Water temperature issues

Cold Water  : Reason for water from water heater becomes cold  is be due to lack of power, or a faulty thermostat and a faulty heating element. Let’s begin by checking connection to electric water heater is working or not by checking Db board. 


Also, Check power switches are turned on and power indicators are on. We recommend only professionals to check these issues because if you try to without any idea it might lead to more dangers if not done correctly.

Water is warm but not good enough :  Damaged thermostat, heating element or Undersized is the reason for getting less amount of hot water.  If you want to find out if your water heater is undersized by turning of the water supply and hot water side of a faucet; if the water is still flowing that means you have got a crossed connection.


Thermostat and heating element can also have chances to cause this issue but most commonly undersized water might be the main cause of less hot water.

Very high temperature : Thermostat is an equipment used to control temperature of water heater and lowering or setting thermostat to standard temperature can decrease temperature of water heater.

Water heater leaks causes:

  • Corossion inside tank
  • A faulty temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Bad Gasket
  • Loose heating elements bolts
  • Stuck valve
  • Improper water pressure
  • Overheating
  • Leak from plumbing connection

Discolored water

Rusty water in water heater tank shows corossion of your inner lining, which damages water heater. You wil have to replace it before water from those water tank causes  health issues to your body.

Odd Noises

Sediment buid up or residue is major reason off odd noises from water heater. And main solution for the problem is flushing the water heater. Since,it needs the help of a professional we recommend you to give us a call to help you out.

what are the common water heater noises and causes?

You might be hearing variety of sounds from water heater. Different types of sound might show different problems.


So we will give you details about some noises from our experience. We have free consultation so please contact professionals before taking any dangerous steps.

Popping sound inside water heater

Sediment build up is common when you are having hard water at your home. Hot water forms bubbles under this sediment and burst when water heats up. The bubbles passing through sediment is cause of this sound and the only solution for problem is flushing and draining tank to remove sediment.

Banging sound inside water heater

When you hear this sound it’s best to ask for help from professionals. Banging sound  also know as water hammer occurs due to pressure in the system and sound occurs when water stops or changes it direction.

Whistling sound

When water under pressure forced to move through small opening creates such whistling sound. Reason for such sound is partially opened valve. We can find location of the whistling sound by observing it. Also we need to replace the valve as soon as possible.

Humming Sound

A loose heating element is the cause of humming sound. We can solve this issue by tightening the element.

Hissing sound

When lower heater element is covered by sediments, it creates hissing sound. Flushing and draining of water heater is only solution to this problem.

Running water sound

In normal cases it’s just running water entering to the tank but if the sound continues for a long period of time. It indicates leak or broken pipe.

What can you do when water heater is leaking?

Step 1: Turn off water supply

If you experience leaking water heater, We must turn off water to your tank. Your water heater tank have a shutoff valve to cold water passing pipes.


Most probably this valve will have a gate-style or ball-style valve and what we must do is turn wheel in clockwise incase of gate-style valve and turn it’s handle to 180 degrees in ball-style valve.


There are chances of rusty or very old valve and also chances of valve to start leaking when you touch it. In this scenario, Our option is to replace the valve.


If valve is broken, You will need to shut off water coming to your house. Every house have  main shut off valve which stops water entering to all parts of house. If you are able to stop it, then water leaking will reduce in time.


If you are unable to find the main shutoff valve we recommend you call us for free consultation to find valve. We will come to your help right away to replace or repair leaking water heater.

Step 2 : Turn of power supply for water heater

We recommend that you to shut off power before starting to work on tank. Find the breaker for water heater  and turn it off. But if you are unaware of  breakers we recommend you call us immediately and we will come for you soon as we can.


Step 3 : Determination of water leak 

Check for inlet and outlet pipes

In our experience, we find most of the water leaks where the pipes are connected to water heater. When you look at cold water connection and hot water connection, You might be able to find water dropping from area. If you find leak from those area, we just need to tight it and problem is solved.

Check the pressure relief valve

When temperature is set too high on a water heater or water pressure to house is excess, Pressure build up can cause leak at valve . Release water as safety measure to reduce pressure buildup. We must also check thermostat to check whether temperature set is moderate.

Check your water pressure

Checking water pressure and temperature must be done by a professionals and it’s necessary to check that for your safety. Checking pressure must  be done with a pressure gauge.



 When the pressure is more than recommended  then we must  reduce the pressure using pressure reducing valve. High pressure not only causes leak but also increases chances of damaging your fixtures

Check  bottom of water heater : Finding leak is very important but very tricky. Water leaking  from valve may run down sides of tank and  emerges at bottom confuse us in thinking that it comes from bottom. But it might be coming from top or side of heater.


 Usually,if water comes from the bottom then there are chances of water having crack at bottom which means it needs to be replaced.

Check drain valve

Drain valve on water heater must be closed completely for avoiding leaks. If it’s leaking but drain valve is completely closed then washer inside might be damaged and must be replaced to avoid leak.


When it comes to water leaking there are chances of dangers we might need to face when doing work. And without prior knowledge it’s hard to do work only with instruction. Therefore we recommend you call us when you face any of these problems. We will be able to fix all these issues fast and efficient with our experience and skilled workers.

Should i repair or replace my water heater?

Water heater’s age


According  to reports on gulfnews.com while warranties on new units show five to 10 years, The life span of water heater depends on Age,  how you use it and how well you maintain it.


And if your water heater is near the end of it’s life. We recommend you to replace it instead of repairing it.


 Because later on more problem will arise, You will have to replace it eventually.

Are you facing water heater issue but you can’t find any problem in water heater?


Then you should check this out:

Public water supply issues

There are other factors which affects the water heater. To find it out you just need to go and check different tap from other bathrooms or kitchen.


Are you still getting discoloured water from other taps?  


Then there is a chance for municipal problem but there are still various other reasons for getting discoloured water. Let’s go through few possible reasons.

Corrosion in steel water pipes

Steel  pipes lasts for a long time but climate can rapidly increase aging process. Rusty pipes are also a possible reason  for discoloured hot water. 


The rust forming in inner wall pipe can cause this issue and only solution is re-piping it before it’s too late.

Increased water heating bills

When your water heater produces water after a long period of time it shows your water heater is less energy efficient and works longer time to produce same result which increases your electricity bills.


In such scenario it’s recommended to replace the water heater or else you will have to pay more than water heater cost in your electric bills.

when we must do water heater repair and replacement.

How often you have issues with water heater?

Whenever you water heater breaks down you will have to call a technicians to fix it. When repair cost is 50% of what it costs to replace the water heater. Then it’s better to replace it rather than thinking about repairing it.


You will be wondering  about cost of replacing the water heater and move on with repairing. But before you go on with repairing  you must check age of water heater, about frequent repairs and check whether is energy efficient.


If you find any of these issue then it’s recommended to replace it.



Have you decided on repair or replace? Contact us today for getting estimate to replace it or repair it.

How to drain broken water heater?

Usually we don’t recommend anyone to drain water other than professionals

But we want you to know the procedure of draining water. Follow these steps once he water and power is tuned off.


1)     Connect a garden hose to drain valve on the water tank and run it to drainage or sink. Drain only to drainage.  otherwise it will harm your grass or stain your property with sediment and dust.


2)    Open valve to drain water from hose is attached.


3)    Open pressure relief valve on tank.


4)    Allow water tank  to drained out.



Taking these few steps when you discovered  leak is necessary for  avoid water damage. If you have any  questions. Call us right now

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