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General electrical contractors in Dubai

Al Manzel General Maintenance is leading General electrical contractors in Dubai with more than 17+ years of experience in UAE.
Our Company not only provides electrical services in Dubai but also other general maintenance services like Cleaning servicesPainting services, Handyman serices, Civil Works, Electrician and Plumbing services. Also, We provide General and building Annual maintenance contract in Dubai.

What is General electrical contractors?

General electrical contractors are term used to describe individual or companies who provide service like install, repair, troubleshooting and maintaining of electrical systems.

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Electrical contractor vs Electrician

Electrician refers to person who is responsible for electric contracting work while electric contractor is individual who runs the company.

Types of Electrical Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance : Checking route cause of the fault caused and does necessary steps like repair or replace according tothe situation.


Preventive Maintenance : This type of Maintenance avoids many of the upcoming emergency electrical issues. Our skilled technicians make sure to do regular checkup for your safety and avoid breakdowns.


Predictive Maintenance : There are components which are from the beginning of the property, and with many years of exposure to different climatic conditions there are chances for it to stop working and causes breakdown. We check and ask permission from clients to replace it before it causes damage to your property .


Failure Finding Maintenance: When there are breakdowns we need quick skills and experience the cause of problem. Our electrician with years of experience in the field can clear matters within matter of minutes. Also they will test backup generator periodically to avoid blackout in breakdowns.

Why electrical maintenance is important?

We are hearing lot about fire and electric breakdown causing in building or homes.The main reason is the lack of electrical maintenance.


Electrical maintenance involves routine check-ups and repair of electrical systems in both commercial and residential buildings.

Electricians will check through all the necessary components in your property to check whether everything is working perfectly.


Most of times maintenance is preventive and electrician will clear it on routine Maintenance.

Electrical Fit out contractors

Why choose us for electrical repair?

Our company is providing electrical repair services for apartments, Home, Offices and other commercial areas. Therefore, we are considered as one of the best electrical companies in UAE.

Benefits of choosing Al Manzel for General electrical contractors in Dubai?

Save Electricity : We have professional electrician in dubai who have years of experience in industry. Since, They are very experienced in field they would be able to suggest posibillities of upcoming electrical issues and able to prevent it.


Low Cost : We provide you the best quality electrical services within your affordable budget. So don’t worry about any electrical repair from now. Call Electrician from AL manzel right now.


Time Efficient: We understand how difficukt it’s to live without electricity in dubai. We try to reach as quick as we can to our customers in case of any emergency.


Emergency electrician 24/7 : we have highly skilled workers with years of experience ready to take up on any emergencies at any time. Also, we are able to get upto 100% customer satisfaction.

why Al manzel is among best General electrical contractors in Dubai?

We are best among the best electrical companies in Uae because we offer timely maintenance and service work. Also, We provide top quality, Affordable electric repair in industrial and commercial sectors.


Our team is a highly skilled and capable of working any type of electrical services in Dubai. Even if the the electricial is small or big, we give equal importance to our customers.


Electrical services play a important role in maintaining the safety and working of your home.


Our services include:

Electrical Inspections: When it comes to electrical repair in Dubai. It’s important to do systematic check up to avoid unnecessar problems. Removing out-dated electrical components and upgrading to avoid electric malfunction.


Wiring and rewiring: After many years, It’s necessary to check whether leakage of electricity in wiring due to wear or tear from external elements for the safety of property.When it comes to best electrical work in Dubai, Al manzel general maintenance is best. Installation, Repair and replacement of electrical wiring to meet your home’s needs.


Circuit Breaker and Fuse Box Maintenance : Ensuring your home’s electrical protection devices are working correctly.


Lighting installation and upgrades: Installation of new lights like led to save electricity or chandelier to make your home beautiful according to needs of customers.


Outlet and switch installation and repair : Maintaining and updating your home’s electrical outlets and switches for safety and customer needs.


By performing regular annual maintenance, you can prevent costly repairs, ensure your home’s safety, and enhance its overall appearance.So, Get the best electrical services in dubai right now from Al Manzel General Maintenance today.